Careers College 2018 - Tiverton Campus

What is Careers College?

The Careers College programme aims to raise aspirations by introducing you to the range of exciting career opportunities available to you in your future.

We offer a diverse range of career focussed workshops enabling you to gain an insight into different industry sectors. Some workshops will require you to wear specialist clothing but all equipment will be provided.

Don’t be afraid to try something you have never considered before – you don’t need to know anything about the subject beforehand, and there is no test at the end!

What next?

Look at the list of careers workshops and think carefully about your options.

You will be asked to choose your top three choices, of which you will attend two on the day.

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Please note that the online taster system will close on Friday, 11 May.

Your application must be complete by this date to guarantee your place on the taster day.

Available Workshops

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Art & Design

Students will have the opportunity to explore a range of careers in creative industries. You will work in teams and be given a specific design brief. Using a range of techniques in Art and Design e.g. photography, sculpture, textiles and print making, you will produce a highly personal and individual your response to the design brief.


This exciting workshop will push your business acumen to the limit. Students will be provided with a surprise brief which they have to brand, design, make and, finally, shoot an engaging and lively television advert. If you're interested in a career in finance, law, administration, sales or are a budding entrepreneur, this is the workshop for you!

Hair & Beauty

This exciting hands on workshop will provide you an insight into what running a successcul hair and beauty salon entails. Come and learn about customer care, treatments and how to maximise profitability whilst exploring this wide and far reaching careers workshop.

Programming and Web design

Game design, website development, internet security or programming - whatever it is that interests you in the world of computing, this workshop will provide you with an engaging and informative session on the world of information technology through the use of Rasberry Pis. So whether you want to programme your own robot or computer, this is the careers experience session for you!

The world of automotive engineering

Do you dream of getting behind the wheel or under the bonnet of a car? This session will introduce you to the complex world of automotive engineering and maintenance. You will work with a variety of tools to understand the basics of the electrical and mechanical inner workings of the college's vehicles within our Future Technologies building.


You have the opportunity to experience this very sought after trade. Due to big trade shortages, plumbers in London are now charging up to £95 per hour. Come and see our new state-of-the-art plumbing workshop and have a go at some of the different pipework jointing processes. When you have finished your work it will be tested up to industry-standard water main pressure (you may need a waterproof jacket for this part). Do you have what it takes to be a plumber of the future? We run courses from full time Level 1 all the way up to Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship. Please ask or arrange an interview online for further details on courses and spaces available.

Carpentry & Joinery

Join our wood working team and see the fantastic work produced by our students. In the session, you will produce a little something to take home such as a bird box, a kitchen blackboard, or even a football rattle. You will be introduced to some of the tools and skills needed in the Wood Occupations industry and hear about some of the career opportunities to become a carpenter or joiner.


The Multi-Trade courses and Apprenticeships cover a wide variety of trades such as painting and decorating, brickwork, plastering and carpentry. During this fun taster session you will get to have a go at some of the painting and decorating techniques and processes.

Electrical Installations

Our Electrical workshops are also in our new £3 million Future Technologies building. When you attend this session you will be introduced to the careers you could pursue in this well-paid industry. You will also have the opportunity to measure, mark, clip, strip, and connect electrical components.

Foundation / Supported Learning

This Forest School session is for supported learning students.

Do you have a passion for outdoor activities and living? Are you interested in the environment and passionate about sustainable development? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then this could be the careers experience session for you. The South West is full of opportunities to work outdoors: the North Devon UNESCO-designated Biosphere Reserve, National Parks such as Exmoor/Dartmoor, conservation and wildlife projects, garden centres /private gardens, woodlands – Forestry Commissions, canal ranger service, National Trust, local council and land management industry. The opportunities are diverse using the outdoor as a learning environment and this careers experience session will explore some of your possible progression routes.

Hospitality & Catering

Attend this careers experience session and gain plenty of hands-on, practical experience while learning what it might be like to work in a busy restaurant. Create a positively posh cheese and ham "croque Monsieur" toastie and tasty fruity kebabs with chocolate sauce. You will also explore a wide range of careers working in the hospitality and catering industry, and develop invaluable skills for life!

Health Care

You are the Director of Nursing at your local hospital during a Flu pandemic. This workshop will allow you to work as part of a team to develop creative solutions to infection control and hospital management e.g. bed/resource allocation.

Early Years & Childhood Studies

Are you interested in working with children? Do you want to make a positive difference to a child's education? If so this workshop is for you. You will be introduced to the principles of child development in the Early years Foundation curriculum and create your own activity plan for children. So if you are keen to nurture children's development and want to create some fun and engaging activity plans, come and join us.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

During this session you will be introduced to CAD software or for the more experienced build on your previous experience. You will find out about the different software packages and have a go at your own design project.

The Sports Star

This gym-based workshop will put your exercise knowledge to good use. Students will be provided with a list of exercises and activities which they can use when creating their own workout session. If you're interested in following your passion for sports and exercise, this is the perfect workshop for you. Who wouldn't want to wear shorts to work every day?! Please note, sports/gym clothing will be required for this workshop.

Engineering the future

Visit our brand new engineering centre to test your skills using welding, fabricating and machining technology. Cut metal with a plasma cutter, its literally lightning! You'll build a simple tool or ornament using a variety of manufacturing techniques. If your skills are more advanced we'll give you a more difficult manufacturing and engineering task.

Forensic Science

Can you catch a cheating athlete?
Join us for this workshop in analytical chemistry to have a first-hand experience of techniques used to detect the use of drugs in elite sport and also methods used in criminal investigations.

Genetic Science

Detecting the presence and understanding the inheritance of genes is instrumental in diagnostic genetic testing and the associated counselling. This laboratory based workshop will use practical simulations to illustrate the basis of genetic variation and inheritance and how this information can be used in healthcare and research.

Lunch Breaks

Please bring a packed lunch and drink with you.