Support Organisations

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Get Connected
Signposts under 25s to a variety of services

Centre for Clinical Interventions
An interactive CBT self-help site including depression, anxiety, panic, worry, assertiveness, procrastination, eating problems, self-esteem

Northumberland Self-help Guides
CBT based booklets free to download include anger, depression, OCD, anxiety

Chronic Fatigue Research and Treatment Unit
Self-help guidance from a national specialist service

National Sleep Foundation
Information and guidance for people experiencing difficulty sleeping

Time Management Success

b-eat (Beating eating disorders)
The main charity offering help for people with eating disorders

Men Get Eating Disorders Too

Papyrus (Prevention of young suicide)
For people who are thinking of suicide or self harm

Students against Depression

Support and information for people experiencing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

A user-led organization, run by sufferers and ex-sufferers of anxiety difficulties

Social-anxiety UK
For the self-conscious or those who feel excessively shy

Women’s Aid
Working towards ending domestic abuse to women and children. Helpline available 24hours.

Men’s Advice Line
Male victims of domestic violence and abuse, including gay and bi men.

Information and advice for male and female perpetrators of domestic abuse to help stop violence and abuse towards partners

Support and Counselling for individuals or couples experiencing relationship difficulties.

Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
Voluntary organization supporting the family and friends of LGBT people.

Down Your Drink
Self-help site for people concerned with their drinking

Site outlining services for under 18s who would like to change drink and/or drug use

Mental Health Foundation
Free podcasts mindfulness and relaxation




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