Student Services

Student Services is a free, confidential service. We are here to listen and help you with any questions or problems you have during your time at Petroc.

We want Petroc to be a place where everyone is safe and able to access a range of positive experiences and opportunities. Our team has a broad range of relevant skills and experience and we know that sometimes things can become difficult and challenging, and the unexpected can happen.

If you are experiencing problems, you know of someone who could benefit from our help, you are a student who is being abused, or you're worried about your well-being or safety, please get in touch. You can contact a member of the safeguarding team, whose details are at the side of this page, or fill in a safeguarding disclosure form

Student Services is made up of a number of different teams:

Additional Learning Support Team

(including Higher Education support)

The administration office is based in Room A43A – in the Guidance Centre (North Devon Campus)

01271 338183

Behaviour & Welfare Coordinator

07971 673031 - Based in E146 (North Devon Campus)

Student Support

01271 852468 - Based in E146 (North Devon Campus)

01884 235350

Safeguarding Team

Based in Room E146 (North Devon Campus)

01271 852370

Mentor for Enhanced Learners

Based in Room E146 (North Devon Campus)

07967 650981

College Counsellor

Our college counsellor is on hand for advice and appointments. If you would like to refer yourself or somebody else, please email

Reporting Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination

We want all learners who come to Petroc to have a great experience. It is a priority of ours that students can come to any of our campuses and feel safe, supported and free from intimidation and harassment. If whilst you are attending Petroc, you experience anything that has caused you to feel intimidated, harassed or frightened then you can report it by clicking here. The issues you experience don’t just have to have happened whilst you are here, maybe they occurred on line, via social media, or perhaps on your journey to and from college. Whatever or wherever you experience problems whilst coming to Petroc, we want to support you.

Need further assistance?

Please get in touch with the Guidance Centre:

Support Organisations

Support Organisations

Help and support with a range of personal issues from alcohol abuse to depression and anxiety.

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